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Friday, November 16, 2007

Day 1 Summary

As you may have guessed, setting up this blog was my creative thing for the day, and counts as for others, too! I did manage to spend most of the day not on the computer (yea!), I did eat about 8 frosted sugar cookies (boo, but homemade), but I did NOT use that as an excuse to loose all control later in the day when I was starving (double yea!).

Two bathrooms are sparkly, the smallest is not as bad but yet to sparkle, I cleaned all the dead stuff out of the fridge, and got William to his dr. appt. early. And maybe I'll do my back exercises while William's in the tub.

Net good on this end. Feeling positive. Tomorrow goals - clean dining room, do exercises, winterize trailer and get it out of the driveway. (along with all the regular stuff)

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Ann in NJ said...

FYI, I set it to archive daily, since with 4 of us posting it may get a little unwieldy. If we don't like it I can change it.