Helping each other keep on track with the goals we've set for ourselves.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Follow up

Well, after I joined and went to the gym last week, I proceeded to catch Sierra's cold. So I didn't work out again until yesterday. But yesterday I did a 1/2 hour spinning class (I'm easing into the spinning) and today I did the Muscle Conditioning on the Ball class again. I love this class. She works on muscles through the whole body, including a lot of work on the back and abs, which I really, really need. Because Steve and I both are making the working out a priority, we are helping each other make time and encouraging each other to go. I'm still optimistic, despite the 6 days off due to sickness.

Oh, and I signed up for a mini triathlon in July called the Appleman and plan to sign up for the Danskin (the week following the Appleman) as soon as registration opens.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well, I joined the gym. I took a class last night. (I expect to be very sore tomorrow....) The class was great, the instructor was funny, and I think I'll really enjoy going on a regular basis. I shouldn't need to join a gym -- I've got most of a gym in my basement -- but there's something about a membership and classes and friends that take classes that's more motivating than the equipment in my basement.
Steve and I have been talking about setting a real schedule for getting in shape. We're making it a priority to not only work out, but help each other work out. (He actually worked out 12 days in a row. Of course, it helped that he was on a cruise with his company for 5 of those days!) We're realizing that being lazy, not only about being physically fit, but also about our making time for ourselves and one another, is not helping us maintain our happiness. So we're working on it all.
I'm committed to doing at least one triathlon this year and go on one backpacking trip. And the workouts start... yesterday.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Minor Moral Victory

The kids are off of school today, and I went to the gym anyway. Woo Hoo! And I got weighed - 2.5lbs lost this week. And that includes a week that had a lot of struggling both with food choices and portion control. Yeah, I would have lost more if I'd done better, but my goal was 2-3 lbs. So woo hoo!

The bad news is, because I lost weight while still cheating left and right, that feels like license to cheat. If I can keep it under control, that's ok. If I get too lax, that's a bad thing.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year's Goals, East Coast version

I don't know if I really have "goals", I suppose I should make an attempt to come up with something measurable.

I did attend the new session of the weight management class at Curves today. They have a new plan out, so we watched a video about it. It's basically similar to the old plan, you do a week of 1200 calories, and then bump up to 4 weeks of 1500 calories, then take two weeks "off" at 2000-2500 calories, all in an effort to keep your metabolism revved up and burn fat rather than muscle. It again emphasizes lean protein and whole grains, the difference this time is they've set up an exchange system. They have suggested menus for each meal and snack, but they're not specific, and they have more info on how to substitute equivalent foods to meet your tastes. For example, breakfast might be 1 starch + 1 protein, and then you check the list of foods to see what starch and protein you want. They do tell you calorie and nutrion guidelines, so you figure out portions and add favorite foods that might not be on the list. There's also a list of "free" vegetables, drinks, and condiments.

I was trying to go back to the original 1200 cal week from the original plan, but I've not been succeeding this week. I'm a little concerned that I've lost my mojo, but on the other hand, the more mindful I am about eating, the more I've been loosing, even if I don't diet strictly. And that's overall good - they made a big deal about patience and the time it will take to loose a substantial amount of weight. And how it's a lifestyle change. Definitely still working on that part of it.

Other goals? Keep the house cleaner, knit more, stamp more. Basically trying to keep up with life and not feel like I'm dropping so many balls.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's Goals

Ok, so I am going to keep it simple with what I want this year...
1) Keep losing weight (I'm not going to specify an amount just that I keep going down even if gradual and that I at least don't go up).
2) Strike some sort of balance between work and home needs (rather than feeling guilty all around or disappointed that I am not on top of any of it)
3) Doug & Andy be potty trained (I am really hoping much earlier than next December...but lately I am feeling like it is somewhat my fault because it feels like we don't have time to work on it because we are always so busy and the times that I am planning to concentrate on it we either get sick or end up traveling)
So three goals. They are probably not as specific as the "experts" would recommend, but those are my goals.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Falling off the wagon

I don't know about everyone else, but I've not exactly been watching what I eat this holiday season. Or rather, I've watched myself eat a whole lot of stuff.

I did really well for the first week, than the last week has gone downhill. Too many yummy leftovers. Too many lunches that weren't really planned and became an afternoon of bits and rests - a bit of this and the rest of that.

Monday, I'm planning on going to the gym, and climbing back on the diet horse. I don't want to have to get out the bigger clothes again! Anybody with me?