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Monday, December 3, 2007


SO I was doing great with my new water bottle... all 3 days I used it...and then it appears that I accidently managed to throw it away on Friday (long story). So at least it turns out that Jim bought it off the clearance table and it was only $2.
Now I just need to get my mind wrapped around everything I need to do which I can't seem to remember even long enough to get it written down. I am making progress even if a little inefficiently.

2 down, ? to go...

Ok, I'm through the root canal also. Gotta admit, i think I've had cavities that were more unpleasant (ok, could be that he gave me nitrous). I'm currently numb, including half my tongue, which is a little wierd. But I've got uberMotrin, which I will take with lunch when I can eat without hurting myself.

Have I been eating well, exercising, taking care of myself? No, no, and sort of. It's really hard to exercise at the moment, although my ankle is healing up nicely I think. Still sort of limiting my mobility. And it's really REALLY hard to be eating well right now - especially since I'm feeling sorry for myself. But all of these medical things are part of taking care of myself, so I am trying to be reasonable about portions and not beat myself up when I'm not.

Next week, I have a follow-up with the surgeon's nurse (just to inspect the wound), the results from my rheumatologist, and currently have the crown scheduled for Friday. Somewhere I have to actually do the Christmas shopping for which I've had the good idea, and I'm desperate to get cards out this year - we've missed two years, now, and I hate it.