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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Go Giants!

Sorry Jill, but I'm completely psyched. Not only do I usually root for the underdog in sporting events anyway, but the Giants are a team I actually follow (I've been reading the sports section of the paper all season) and they were REALLY not expected to win.

On the home front, I have William's cold, no fever but I'm completely stuffed up. Fortunately, the congestion moved out of my throat/chest, so I am no longer coughing a nasty, painful cough and feeling rotten, just stuffy and a regular cough. William is still congested and complaining of ear pain, although the dr. looked on Tuesday and saw nothing. I suppose that could have changed. I may give that another day or two before I go to the office AGAIN - that would be three times in three weeks.

I did join Curves officially on Friday. I was on a 30 day free trial, which ended up saving me $100 off the initiation fee in addition to the free month. But I went three times a week the whole month except for last week was only two. And that's with being sick twice in that time.

So we're pretty good - the house is pretty clean except for my office/craft room. The freezer is full of good food if I remember to thaw it in time for dinner. I have ambitions of sending out our very belated Christmas cards as Chinese New Year cards, so I have 4 more days. Maybe!