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Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow bound

Ok, so it's been more then a week since we've had "normal" weather. We had 9" of snow yesterday before it started snowing, and we're supposed to get another 4-5" today (its' been snowing off and on all morning so far. I'm starting to feel a little trapped, but at the same time I kind of don't want it to clear up till Friday so that Christmas really feels more cozy. I have a friend that was supposed to get a flight out from the airport today, but I don't know if she even made it there let alone had the flight. Most flights have been cancelled because of not enough de-icer. I'm hoping that if she doesn't make it out that we can pick her up on Thurs. for Christmas at least (she lives 3 blocks from here). It's her first Christmas alone since her husband died in June. However, I think we'll be boring and she'd enjoy seeing her friend she was going to visit more.

So far we've had power and been doing ok. I have work to do this week, and John's home on vacation anyway. We spent yesterday at the neighbor's for quite a while which helped break up my beginning stir-craziness. :)