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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ahhhh... vacation!

I got to go to Cancun, Mexico with Steve on his "company offsite" for the long weekend. There was like a minute on the trip where I thought, "remember what it was like not having kids?" THAT was relaxation! Despite the rain for the last half and the seasickness on the group catamaran trip, I really did have a good time. On Sunday I hit a tennis ball back and forth with Steve (I wouldn't call it "playing tennis" but it was a workout) and we went for a very short paddle in kayaks (we didn't dare venture far from the launch point because of the high winds) and I tried to jog a little between destinations at the resort. It was actually exercise, it was fun, and I felt good. Now I need to keep up the exercise and remember that it is fun. So far, I'm using Steve away again on business as an excuse to be too tired, but I know that I'm being bad. I'm really going to sign up to do a Danskin mini-Triathlon and a backpacking trip this year. Really. (Do I sound convinced?) I think I need a partner in crime to help keep me on track....