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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Silver Lining

So I'm probably in the worst shape of my whole life. I can barely walk up a few stairs without being winded. But (as I posted before) I've signed up for a Danskin mini-triathlon in July. I also plan to go on a backpacking trip this summer. (I'll save details of that for a future post.) We have a great gym setup in our basement. It includes a nice new TV and Tivo (which we don't have anywhere else in the house.) And yet I haven't worked out down there in... well.. I don't know how long it's been.
However, I did start with an easy 30 min. workout last night on the eliptical machine. (yea!!) I pressed the User 2 button (that's me) and the machine proeceded to step me through some settings to confirm. (Here comes the silver lining part.) Despite the fact that I haven't worked out in ages, my current weight is 7 lbs. less than when I set my weight on the machine! Cool! (Trust me, there's still a long way to go!)