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Monday, July 20, 2009

One down, one to go...

Yesterday I did the Littleton Appleman Triathlon. I wasn't really well-trained, but it was a fun race and I finished. With a better time than I expected, really. I though it was very well run, it wasn't too competitive, there were lots of women, the water was warm, the bike ride was hilly but very do-able, and the run was... well... interesting. The run actually went partly through a field and then through the woods. This trail portion was about 1/3 of the run. Kind of fun! I didn't do much (read: almost none) training with the swimming or biking. So my swim was incredibly slow, but I was expecting that. I did better than I expected on the bike because I only had last year's tri to estimate. Last year my brake was rubbing and apparently it slowed me down a lot because now I'm riding much quicker.

Next week I'm doing the Danskin in Webster, MA. I'm looking forward to it, I guess, but I'm dreading having to go for an overnight just to do the Tri. It should be really fun because there's 5 of us going together. The swim won't be too bad because, if it's the same as last year, it's way less than the 12 mile it claims to be. The bike should be easier because, well, I just explained that, and I'm running much better than I was last year.

Now let's hope there's not too much rain this week so I can go out and swim and bike and run. And let's hope that there's not thunderstorms, as predicted, on the day of the race.