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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back on Track

Ok, I'm falling off the wagon a little bit. I have been loosing weight, mostly because of the medication, most likely, but the last couple days I'm back up a couple of pounds. I've been snacking a LOT - partly PMS, partly tired, and I'm hoping not anything else. I'm rationalizing that it's also because I went to Curves twice, so therefore burned more calories those days and since my body isn't used to that anymore, I was hungrier than usual too.

Here's hoping that with my period over I can get myself under control a little better. I'm not trying to be rigid, just thoughtful about what and why I'm eating. But tomorrow will be tough - I have to fast for bloodwork at the dr's office and my appointment isn't until 9:45. I can do that, but not stopping at the nearby Dunkin Donuts afterwards? That's going to be hard.