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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Haven't posted in a while

Ok, ready for an update here as I haven't posted in a while. I think you all saw in the forward from Ann that I'm pregnant. I'm HOPING that I can find a way to motivate myself to continue my walking after baby comes in March/April. A friend had a good point that the timing for weather will really help in being able to get out with both baby and dog and make me get moving again.

We had a good ultrasound yesterday so that was a lot of fun and I'll be out of my first trimester the end of next week. I'm still walking every morning with the dog though we've slowed down a bit. I just know like Jill said, my default is lazy and the only reason I walk is because John goes to work earlier so I feel it's my job to get the dog out and she's a good motivator. So... I need to keep it up as much as I can.