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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pigging out

I was starvingly hungry all day, and looked at the calendar tonight. Yup, I'm in that PMS time. So now I have to come up with a strategy. I can't deal with being hungry all day, but I can't stuff my face with carbs all day.

Maybe spreading little protein-based snacks throughout the day so I'm never starving.

My excuse

So I've been blathering on to everyone that I've been getting up to go running before I walk the dog and wake the kids. Partially it's because I can't keep my mouth shut, but also I realized it's so I'll be embarrassed when I don't get my butt out the door for a run in the morning.

So, K at C's preschool volunteered to ask me how my run went each day I go to pick him up. It worked. I was awake, but not motivated to running this morning, and I thought about how I would answer K when I picked up C this afternoon. It was too much effort to think of an answer, so I got dressed and went for a run. I'm glad I did, because it was another glorious morning and I ran almost halfway before I had to stop. And I wasn't as out of breath as I had been.

I'm putting little stickers on my calendar each day I get exercise, and I'm letting myself eat more than I think I should. I figure if I can make it to month of more or less daily exercise, I'll be on my way to a habit. I might have even motivated M (or at least he's talking about it again).