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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More of the same

I've been pretty lousy about what I've been putting into my mouth. Mostly because I'm eating too much, but I haven't been making great food choices either. Chinese New Year makes me want Chinese food, and Chinese food is relatively high in sodium. It doesn't need to be high in fat, but that's much of what I like and don't have as much the rest of the year. It's sort of like having Thanksgiving and Christmas again.

I finally decided that was the only way I was going to get over the coughing was to get enough rest. I still have a little something, but it's not too bad except for the pulled chest muscle. It hurts to cough, to sneeze, to laugh, and sometimes to twist or lift. But after over a week of spending 12 hours a night in bed, work and kids have eaten into my sleep allowance. As a result, my cough is somewhat more persistent.

More worrisome is Christopher has had a fever for the last two evenings. It was high enough (104.4F) on Sunday evening that I went to the ER for a kid for the first time. Of course, the nurses and doctor nicely told me that all we needed was ibuprofen and that it was normal for a viral infection. So we're all paranoid about catching another cold. Bother.