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Monday, May 26, 2008

Swimming update

The pool membership is turning out great! Actually, it's a gym located in a local hotel. So there's more to the membership to just the pool. Here's some highlights of my gym/pool use so far:
- The first time we used the childcare room for our kids (my 2 and my friend's 2) they claimed that there was nothing to do and were bored the whole time. The next time we walked them in and pointed out a handful of things that would be fun, and they did have a good time. Phew! We were afraid the childcare thing wasn't going to work out!
- Friday night I swam at the pool with both of the women that are training with me. I actually did an entire 1/2 mile. I was so tired at the beginning, I didn't think I could go that far, but at the end when I started to get close, I just said, "I'm going to bang out these last 4 laps to get to a half mile," and I did. Those were probably my best 4 laps of the evening. (Then we went our for martinis!)
- Tuesday night I went in for a 1/2 hour cycling class to get myself started on the biking part. It was a great class and a great alternative to going out on the road to get the legs doing the right thing.
- I may also look into taking some other classes, like a strength training on the ball, so I can get some good routines under my belt that I can work on at home.