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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Road Race Results

I did it! I ran a 5K today. I wasn't sure how I would do -- my training has been slow (in more ways than one.) I've been running about a 15 min. mile. (Yes, I know that doesn't sound like running, but my jogging and walking seems to average out to a fast walk.) And I've probably only been running about 2 miles at a time. Here are my results as posted:
Place No. Name Ag S Div/Tot Div Town St Fin5k Pace
190 2572 JILL ATKINS 40 F 26/29 F4049 WESTFORD MA 38:05 12:17

That's 190th place out of 204 (26th of 29 in my division). I did a 12:17min mile. Awesome! Way better than I expected. Now my friend and I are going to go join the pool and start biking, too. The Danskin's less than 3 months away!