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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Slogging along

You would think this dieting thing would get easier, not harder, over time. Perhaps it's the time of year, but this last week has been really challenging. Halloween temptation hasn't helped! I've been limiting myself to small size candies, and no more than one (ok, maybe two) in a day. And PMS on top of that.

I'm still losing, but feeling a both a little burned out and also a little scared of going back to "regular" eating. I will clearly have to continue really watching portion sizes and food choices, because I really don't want to regain the weight I've lost. We're going camping in Lancaster County PA this Thursday, and I'm a little worried. Biggest challenge will be an all-you-care-to-eat buffet that everyone else wants to go to. Ok, I'll eat more than the plan but I think I can control myself. But if we eat some lunches out too, it starts to get a little harder - overdoing it at one meal, I can make up for it at others, or the next day. 3.5 days of extra challenges is mostly just depressing.

But I feel like I'm struggling at home, too. Grey weather doesn't help. But I'm committed to doing it until November 26th - the end of the "Biggest Looser" contest at the gym. I have an actual shot at winning. How motivating would THAT be?!?