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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It has been awhile since I have posted...mostly because I have been busy and I have not been doing so well with the exercise thing (or even just the drinking enough water thing).\

So I have been cleaning and sorting and decreasing our amount of stuff around the house.

I have gained back some of the weight that I have lost but not all of it. Part of this is due to Jim looking for a job so that they end up dropping me off on campus and not me parking and walking. I am hoping that with the kids starting back to preschool next week that it will establish more of a routine for us which should help.

I also have realized that I have been feeling stiff lately. Some of this is due to my children's amazing knack for sliding across my knee cap (ow) but I realized that I miss stretching and that having to sit in front of a computer a lot this summer has not helped that.
So....I decided to DVR a yoga show and at least do some of the stretching in it.
Since Jim accidentally erased my first two recordings (he didn't realize I wanted it recorded) today I did my first one.
It felt good but I realized:
  1. I can't do it with children around. Whenever I sit on the floor the kids want to sit on me. Perhaps I can work on getting them to do it with me.
  2. I like the stretching because it feels good
  3. I'll have to work on the transitions between poses.
  4. I'll have to work on my breathing. Most of my breathing was exactly opposite from what they were telling you to do during movement.
Anyway, hoping to get back on track.