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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Not One Size Fits All

We only got two workouts in last week, but we went yesterday so I feel good that Jim and I are continuing to go. Childcare is a bit of an issue because right now Ben is helping his family while his grandfather is on Hospice. Hopefully I can tag some of the college kids at church tonight so that we can go tomorrow.
I also wanted to share that I have had at least two people ask me if I have been working out and that they have "noticed" on my upper torso. Now do I really think that just two workouts have made that much of a difference?
I did have ever buy new bras. When I discarded my nursing bras I was wearing bras that were pre-children bras. They probably fit ok at some point but they were pretty stretched out. So last month, when they were having before school sales and a "tax free" day here Jim and I went and did some clothes shopping. I made sure that I got bras that not only fit but also had the proper amount of support. So I am here to attest that if you need a "quick" body image improvement think about what your clothes are doing for you.