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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines Day

I don't quite understand Valentine's Day.

I have to make a lunch for some one else's toddler and some other poor parent has to make a lunch for mine. Timothy had to sign almost two dozen pre-printed valentines that he picked out because it had Looney Tunes characters on them. I don't think Timothy has ever ready any of the valentines he's received. He only cares about the candy that many of them come with. Neither boy has any clue why we're doing this or really seems to care.

This year Michael and I decided it was absurd to find a babysitter to go out to dinner on the same night that hordes of other adults are doing the same for poor service by overwhelmed wait staff when we could be packing to go out of town the next day. We're going to get his parents to watch the kids and pick a random night next week to go and pretend to be adults.

Valentine's Day just seems like another crass opportunity to commercialize something really special. Love is about appreciating your partner. Not an occasion to buy overpriced roses and go out to dinner.

Maybe I'm too old to be a romantic. I don't think I ever was a romantic. All I want for Valentine's Day is the opportunity to take a bath in peace and to go to bed early and not get awakened until I want to the next morning. Hmm. I think I'm a sleep deprived mom.