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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

dragged kicking and screaming

So, my awesome office mate has been dragging me (not really kicking and screaming) running at lunch on Tuesdays. We ran a 5K both last Tuesday and today. Last week the run kicked my butt. This week, I managed to make it to the end without keeling, but didn't have enough oomph to run run at the end. I'm hoping that soon, I'll be able to not only complete the run, but also have enough to sprint a bit at the end. Am I asking for too much? We'll see if my knees and feet hold out.

But, I've managed to lose NO weight. blah.


Well, not only am I signed up for two triathlons in July, but I'm also signed up for a 5-day guided backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon in May. That's less than two months away! Talk about motivation! I've never been to the Grand Canyon, and I'm really looking forward to it. It will prove to be very challenging, I'm sure, but I'm certain that I can make it through the trip in one piece. I wish I could have found a friend to join me, but it will be a fun adventure on my own. Right now there's a father-daughter pair also signed up for the trip (I believe a college-aged girl) and there's two openings left. The guide is apparently a long, long time veteran of the Canyon, so I'm confident it will be a good group and well-run. I'm particularly looking forward to the food, as they bring all fresh, (as fresh as you can get backpacking, I guess) and not the freeze-dried stuff that I'm used to.

If you're interested in reading about the trip, look here: Wildland Trekking, Wonders of the Grand Canyon Hike

Wish me luck! (Or, perhaps just have me committed!)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Update's been awhile. I haven't specifically been losing least off my body. I did today work hard and get pretty much all of the stuff that had been sitting around waiting to be donated out of the house. I have a couple of items that I need to find parts for and then at some point I need to go through books from my classroom, but we took a huge carload today and I have already loaded the car for what can go to the church rummage sale. It does make me "feel lighter" even if, as I told Jim, it feels sort of anti-climatic after all the work in cataloging what is going and getting it together and loading it that it only takes a couple of minutes to get it out of the car.

In the process of working in the workroom I spotted my jewelry box in a box and found my promise ring that my husband gave me the first year we dated. It looks a little tight but I can actually get it on.