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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hopefully back on track

Sigh, William has been home the past two days, so no gym yet this week. I almost made it all of January, three times a week. He should be back in school tomorrow, I hope, so I'll go tomorrow, but somehow going Wed, Thu, Fri doesn't seem like the best idea. We'll see how it goes.

And I'm obviously not doing so great on going to bed earlier because it's already 11:15. But the kitchen is cleaned up!

Getting well...

I think it sounds like lots of people have had crud lately that is hard to shake. I actually don't feel that bad but I am coughing at times (like when I go to bed). I keep hoping that I am actually getting better. Jim has threatened to drag me to the doctor (which I have already gone once) if I am not well by Thursday. I think the hardest part is listening to Jo cough (which she only really does at night). Andy seems mostly well and Doug seems fine (just a little bit of lacy red rash left on his butt after having fifths disease). I think I need to work on the more sleep bit and I have had an issue remembering to take my vitamin the last couple of days.
On the more positive note the house is really starting to feel like home even though we still have tons of unpacking and organizing to do. I also feel like I have been doing pretty well with food lately. I haven't been over eating (much) and I have been making decent choices on what to eat (not always the best but it certainly could be worse). I have been doing a moderately well job at remembering to carry my water bottle with me and we haven't been eating out much at all (like maybe even only once a week). I continue to walk on campus rather than take the bus and for the most part it is working to have the kid's toys separate from the TV so that we don't just leave the TV running with no one really watching it.