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Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm a big loser, but not the biggest

The manager at the gym told me Wednesday that I wasn't going to win the contest. She was very apologetic - I lost by 1/2 a percentage point. See, since everyone is starting out at different weights, they do it by who looses the highest percentage overall - weight, measurements, body fat. So I think this other woman lost more body fat or measurements, even though I lost more actual weight.

I'm not upset, and I'm not upset that the manager kept saying she thought I would win. It certainly kept me motivated the last week! And it turns out I was in my PMS week, which wreaks havoc with my appetite and willpower, not to mention I probably retain water then. So if the weigh-in had fallen at a different time of month, I might have won... but who knows?

Regardless, I lost 22 lbs for the contest and 31.5 overall. Pretty damn good if I say so myself! And while I'm certainly being a little more relaxed this week, I haven't gone hog-wild (even yesterday!) so I'm hoping to continue this downward trend. And I certainly don't want to gain any back!

So, all positive with only the slightest amount of disappointment. It would have been nice to offset some of the yarn I've been buying!

Happy Holidays

I think I can officially say Happy Holidays to everyone now, no matter what you practice. I hope everyone had a good Turkey day and felt good about what they ate. We had the neighbors over for Turkey and a potluck style meal. Had a good time and taught them a new card game (hand and foot). We had a nice walk both today and yesterday, but got rained on last night. Not too bad overall though.
It's interesting, I've never figured out why men have an easier time walking (at least my husband does) then I do. This doesn't matter whether I'm pregnant or not, it's been bothering me for years. I walk 6 days a week with the dog in the morning, and the last year and a half or so we've added in walking in the evening every night. John only joins me on Sat. when we do a longer walk of 4 miles, and in the evenings. Evening walks are slower and more stops because we're with a group. So, supposedly I should be more in shape then he is right? But I always have trouble keeping up when we walk together. When he takes vacation time and walks everyday with me, his feet hurt and previously his back has bothered him, but he can still out pace me without getting winded. What's up with that? Just seems weird to me, and sometimes rather annoying.