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Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm a big loser, but not the biggest

The manager at the gym told me Wednesday that I wasn't going to win the contest. She was very apologetic - I lost by 1/2 a percentage point. See, since everyone is starting out at different weights, they do it by who looses the highest percentage overall - weight, measurements, body fat. So I think this other woman lost more body fat or measurements, even though I lost more actual weight.

I'm not upset, and I'm not upset that the manager kept saying she thought I would win. It certainly kept me motivated the last week! And it turns out I was in my PMS week, which wreaks havoc with my appetite and willpower, not to mention I probably retain water then. So if the weigh-in had fallen at a different time of month, I might have won... but who knows?

Regardless, I lost 22 lbs for the contest and 31.5 overall. Pretty damn good if I say so myself! And while I'm certainly being a little more relaxed this week, I haven't gone hog-wild (even yesterday!) so I'm hoping to continue this downward trend. And I certainly don't want to gain any back!

So, all positive with only the slightest amount of disappointment. It would have been nice to offset some of the yarn I've been buying!


Susan Z said...

That is great that you lost so much (even if you didn't win the contest). Just lost the weight equivalent to carrying around a two to three year old child, or three 10 pound bags of flour, or 30 blocks of cheese, or whatever thing else you want to visualize that you don't have to take with you. Congrats!

Ann in NJ said...

I carried in a 27 lb. bucket of cat litter the other day and thought, "wow!"

Lisa C said...

That's WONDERFUL! Wohoo! I can't believe you were so close to winning though, wow. Half a percentage point is so close. But, the important thing is you lost it and you haven't been eating as much overall as you used to. That I think is the biggest win of all.
I remember watching the Biggest Loser one season (we had a friend competing from home). One of the 'contests' the contestants did was to carry all the weight they had lost around a track. Talk about visual reinforcement. It's good to remember that sometimes as a motivator.
Congrats again I'm so excited that you did so well!

ooolia said...


I'm really proud of you Ann.