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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Looking for veggies

I don't have it often, but I've been craving veggies today, and a salad in particular. Maybe I just haven't been getting enough servings of fruit and vegetables so far this week, but I'm finding it irritatingly difficult to find a salad. Not just any salad, but preferably a not too expensive salad bar like place where I can get lots of veggies and not much lettuce or cheese or meat or other sources of protein (that's what hamburgers are for).

Usually I'd pop across the street to the dining hall of the dorm for my usual little bit of spinach, lots of beets and peas, maybe some broccoli or shredded carrots and whatever else looked appetizing (can be difficult at times), but it being spring break around here, they're closed.

So, I went down the street and started perusing menus and peeking at tables. Most places has a caesar salad which is almost entirely romaine lettuce, and house salad which is mostly lettuce, a pale slice of tomato, a few shreds of carrot and/or red cabbage, and maybe some onion. You might find an entree salad which is guaranteed to have some sort of cheese (usually blue or feta) and grilled chicken. I found a pea salad that had bright orange cubes of cheese and enough white fattening dressing that I found it downright scary. Oh, did I mention that being lactose intolerant lack of dairy in my salad is a BIG plus? Lastly, none of the above mentioned salads would have cost me less than $5 after tax and tip; that includes the caesar and house salads without chicken.

So, I'm stuck at my desk eating old baby carrots and a squished green banana. I might go back down to the corner store to grab a bag of Terra chips since that's the closest to veggies not in a salad I could find. Plus, I'm hoping that I remembered to ask M to pick up some veggies, any veggies, on the grocery list I left him last night. Otherwise, I might have to drag a toddler to the co-op for an early evening veggie run.