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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So I found out today that fruits/veggies are only 1/2 cup to be considered a serving. Which means I was better then usual and actually had 3+ servings of fruit (my weakest point). Of course veggies, which I usually do better at, was only 1 + servings. Ah well, at least I was better eating wise, and worked on restraint. In fact my usually non dessert motivated hubby ate the last brownie yesterday, and I managed to refrain. I didn't even noticed he'd eaten till today.

I'm hoping that's a start in the right direction for me. The exercise isn't a huge problem for me since I walk a lot, but I am thinking about adding Yoga for flexability. It's embarressing when I have women I know that are around 60 and they are more flexable then I am. I have had trouble putting my socks on in the morning if it's right after I get out of bed. Ugh

Now to just work on my liking more fruits and veggies... and less starch/carb items.