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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So I found out today that fruits/veggies are only 1/2 cup to be considered a serving. Which means I was better then usual and actually had 3+ servings of fruit (my weakest point). Of course veggies, which I usually do better at, was only 1 + servings. Ah well, at least I was better eating wise, and worked on restraint. In fact my usually non dessert motivated hubby ate the last brownie yesterday, and I managed to refrain. I didn't even noticed he'd eaten till today.

I'm hoping that's a start in the right direction for me. The exercise isn't a huge problem for me since I walk a lot, but I am thinking about adding Yoga for flexability. It's embarressing when I have women I know that are around 60 and they are more flexable then I am. I have had trouble putting my socks on in the morning if it's right after I get out of bed. Ugh

Now to just work on my liking more fruits and veggies... and less starch/carb items.


Susan Z said...

That's cool to find out you have secretly been doing better than you knew. So can I count refried beans or french fries? My vegetable intake has been horrible lately because of spending two days getting the car fixed (ending machines don't have many vegetable options) and then travel to my sister-in-laws for thanksgiving.

Lisa C said...

I heard the other day that 1/3 of the U.S. veggie intake was due to french fries, ketchup and potato chips.

I don't personally count those but it makes it sound like you could. =/

Susan Z said...

I actually had the case when I was in college that I was taking a health class (had to take it for my teaching certification). One of the requirements was to keep a food journal. I looked great on my vegetable consumption because french fries were listed as a vegetable.