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Monday, February 25, 2008

My own Blog!!

Hey, I've decided to jump in on this new trend and start my own blog!!

Update on my status

Well, I haven't been exercising like I'm supposed to. I haven't been getting in my workout clothes right after getting the kids to bed. I haven't been going to bed on time. I'm craving food.

But, on the plus side, a few days ago we got a nice 10 inch covering of snow followed by days of gorgeous weather (just above freezing, no wind!) So we've been going out every day before lunch and tubing down the hill in our back yard. It's quite a fast hill and we started building a luge track with a wall that curves around and keeps you from running into the house. So at least there's fresh air and a little bit of physical activity involved. Here's a video of Sierra and I going down our cool luge track.