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Friday, November 16, 2007

Day 1 Summary

As you may have guessed, setting up this blog was my creative thing for the day, and counts as for others, too! I did manage to spend most of the day not on the computer (yea!), I did eat about 8 frosted sugar cookies (boo, but homemade), but I did NOT use that as an excuse to loose all control later in the day when I was starving (double yea!).

Two bathrooms are sparkly, the smallest is not as bad but yet to sparkle, I cleaned all the dead stuff out of the fridge, and got William to his dr. appt. early. And maybe I'll do my back exercises while William's in the tub.

Net good on this end. Feeling positive. Tomorrow goals - clean dining room, do exercises, winterize trailer and get it out of the driveway. (along with all the regular stuff)

Ambitious (but do-able!) goal

I'm thinking of setting the Boston-area Danskin women's triathlon for 2008 as a fitness goal for myself. This is a yearly event that's run in various places around the country. I did it twice when I lived in CA. It's a VERY beginner-friendly mini triathlon (you know, ra-ra, you go girl, etc.) There's one near me in July and there's one in the New York area (Sandy Hook, NJ, actually!) in August, I think. (Check out Would any of you be interested in training for that, or some other doable event that suits your likes and abilities? (Some quick web searches can reveal some really interesting racing events!)

Me too!

I figured it out, too! (Ignore my email plea for help, Ann.)
So I have to be honest, I'm already feeling panicked that I can't possibly make any positive progress toward weight loss and fitness because life is so crazy this time of year, but perhaps that panick, along with your support, will help me out!
This morning I was rear-ended in the car while driving my son to school. It was just a bump from someone desparately trying to stop on a wet road, but it's thrown me off for the day. It makes you think how easy it is to get into an accident with kids in the car and it's scary. My whole being is a little bit on edge, mentally and physically, because of it. (So now I'm eating Halloween candy to feel better...!)
AND, tomorrow is my daughter's birthday party. I still have to decorate the cake (my very time-consuming and FATTENING hobby), clean the house, and decorate the house. Yikes! (At least I ordered food from a caterer to relieve a little pressure.)
Anyway, as for my goals, I'm probably about 40 lbs. over where I'd like to be. (Ideally, I could be less, but I don't think that's realistic.) Pregnancy and nursing did a number on my weight, mainly because I was always so hungry so I was always eating, but not always so healthy. Right now my weight is the same as it was at the very END of my first pregnancy (and I started that pregnancy overweight.) I'll be the first to post my weight: it's 180. I don't feel like I can be successful starting a "diet", but ultimately I'll do better if I begin to work out and ramp up my exercise routine. Getting good exercise generally makes me feel like eating healthier, or at least gives me better will-power for eating better, so that's where I like to start. But starting is an issue. Making it routine. That's HARD.
Thanks for letting me babble. And inviting me to join this blog -- I love the comraderie, and crave it!

Figured it out

I couldn't figure out how to post at first, till I finally found the article about the dashboard. :)

I don't have the mommy distinction for the blog, but I do have goals I am working on. I probably have a leg up on the exercise thing because I don't have a choice. The dog makes sure I stay motivated to go every morning and we walk about about an hour/2 miles or more, 6 days a week. The days I work it's a bit less, but it evens out a bit.

I've been working on reading a book called "what to eat" by Marion Nestle. It's interesting and talks about some of the "politics" of the food industry. Boy, what a tangled web that is! The getting in shape motivation came from a program I saw with a panel of people that have been studying food trends in the US. I enjoyed some of the different perspectives and found it interesting. It got me to drag John to the library and renew my library card in this area (had expired it'd been about 5 years since I last lived out here), and check out some of the books they had talked about.

So, we'll see what I learn! Off to do that walking of the dog thing... as the sign at the vet said, "There is no snooze button on a hungry pet."


Right now my internet time tends to be in the morning so I may have to report about the previous day (although I already had more sweet rolls for breakfast than I think I should have).
Anyway, I was thinking that a more positive thing to do as far as any weight things would be to report in terms off amount lost or something like that instead of total weight.
I was also thinking goals and stair step goals (the little goals to get to the big goal) might be a good thing. For instance while I know I need to lose more my first goal is to lose about 30 pounds, and an even smaller more daily goal is for me to get back to drinking the amount of water that I should be. Especially while I am breastfeeding (which I realize gives me a little bit of an edge in that category) the water is important.


Ok, I've set up the blog and invited Jill, Julia, Susan, and Lisa to be authors. I can add more people - didn't know if Mom would be into it! I put up a bunch of polls, although it seems to be limited to 4 answers / poll even though it says you can add more....

Right now the polls are set at 6 days, although we can shorten that if we want to be more "daily". I'm thinking we'll be posting and commenting, but we'll see. And I'll probably put in a counter later, now that I've figured out how to do that on my other blog!

Off to work on cleaning my house, as my walking partner flaked on me (again) this morning, and the house is disgusting.