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Friday, November 16, 2007

Me too!

I figured it out, too! (Ignore my email plea for help, Ann.)
So I have to be honest, I'm already feeling panicked that I can't possibly make any positive progress toward weight loss and fitness because life is so crazy this time of year, but perhaps that panick, along with your support, will help me out!
This morning I was rear-ended in the car while driving my son to school. It was just a bump from someone desparately trying to stop on a wet road, but it's thrown me off for the day. It makes you think how easy it is to get into an accident with kids in the car and it's scary. My whole being is a little bit on edge, mentally and physically, because of it. (So now I'm eating Halloween candy to feel better...!)
AND, tomorrow is my daughter's birthday party. I still have to decorate the cake (my very time-consuming and FATTENING hobby), clean the house, and decorate the house. Yikes! (At least I ordered food from a caterer to relieve a little pressure.)
Anyway, as for my goals, I'm probably about 40 lbs. over where I'd like to be. (Ideally, I could be less, but I don't think that's realistic.) Pregnancy and nursing did a number on my weight, mainly because I was always so hungry so I was always eating, but not always so healthy. Right now my weight is the same as it was at the very END of my first pregnancy (and I started that pregnancy overweight.) I'll be the first to post my weight: it's 180. I don't feel like I can be successful starting a "diet", but ultimately I'll do better if I begin to work out and ramp up my exercise routine. Getting good exercise generally makes me feel like eating healthier, or at least gives me better will-power for eating better, so that's where I like to start. But starting is an issue. Making it routine. That's HARD.
Thanks for letting me babble. And inviting me to join this blog -- I love the comraderie, and crave it!


Ann in NJ said...

My weight is also almost exactly where it was when I was pregnant with JC - but I don't have the guts to post it. John doesn't even know what I weigh. Suffice to say it's considerably more than you do!

My goal is less "diet" than lifestyle change. Incorporate exercise, eating better and a big one for me is forgiving myself for having 8 cookies this afternoon - and not having 8 more because the day is shot.

Ann in NJ said...

Forgot to say, good luck with the party. We're doing William's on Sunday afternoon, but I wimped out and we doing a play place. 19 kids in his class! So rather than time, I'm spending money this year. But next year will be simpler and hopefully at home.

Jill said...

Don't feel bad about not publishing your weight. I was thinking about it and I realized that not that long ago I wouldn't have dreamed of telling anyone that I weigh 180 because that's just so high for me. But, sadly, I've lived in this weight for long enough, that I'm sort of used to it now. So the fact that I'm willing to actually accept this weight as mine and tell anyone what it is scares me!