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Friday, November 16, 2007

Figured it out

I couldn't figure out how to post at first, till I finally found the article about the dashboard. :)

I don't have the mommy distinction for the blog, but I do have goals I am working on. I probably have a leg up on the exercise thing because I don't have a choice. The dog makes sure I stay motivated to go every morning and we walk about about an hour/2 miles or more, 6 days a week. The days I work it's a bit less, but it evens out a bit.

I've been working on reading a book called "what to eat" by Marion Nestle. It's interesting and talks about some of the "politics" of the food industry. Boy, what a tangled web that is! The getting in shape motivation came from a program I saw with a panel of people that have been studying food trends in the US. I enjoyed some of the different perspectives and found it interesting. It got me to drag John to the library and renew my library card in this area (had expired it'd been about 5 years since I last lived out here), and check out some of the books they had talked about.

So, we'll see what I learn! Off to do that walking of the dog thing... as the sign at the vet said, "There is no snooze button on a hungry pet."


Susan Z said...

I like the vet saying. I really should probably be playing with my kids when we go to the playground rather than just sitting.

Ann in NJ said...

You can only push the swing for so long before it gets really old...

I like the vet saying too, and sorry about the mommy thing, Lisa, I was having a hard time coming up with a title that wasn't taken.

Lisa C said...

Oh I'm not worried about it, and it works. It just made me laugh.