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Friday, November 16, 2007

Ambitious (but do-able!) goal

I'm thinking of setting the Boston-area Danskin women's triathlon for 2008 as a fitness goal for myself. This is a yearly event that's run in various places around the country. I did it twice when I lived in CA. It's a VERY beginner-friendly mini triathlon (you know, ra-ra, you go girl, etc.) There's one near me in July and there's one in the New York area (Sandy Hook, NJ, actually!) in August, I think. (Check out Would any of you be interested in training for that, or some other doable event that suits your likes and abilities? (Some quick web searches can reveal some really interesting racing events!)


Ann in NJ said...

I like the idea, but I am very much not a runner. I don't enjoy it and I never have even in lighter days. I think it's a great goal for you, though! With lots of GOOD side effects. I'll have to come up with a comparable one.

Lisa C said...

I would be open to training for it. I like to run, but my husband worries if I do since we have such bad knees and hips in our family. However, if it motivates me I'd be up for that. I'll check out your link later today after the class I teach.

I had thought about setting a goal to run/walk a marathon (it just sounds so motivational), but I don't know that I'd be up for something that intense.