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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

From here to triathlon...

Ok, it's 11 days to race day. Here's my training plan for the next 10 days and my race goals. I figured I write them for all of you to see, so I can be held accountable.

Thurs (7/17) Race practice run: Swim 1/2 mile at pool, drive home (5 min), bike 11 miles, run 3 miles (last run before race)
Fri. Rest day (Need to make a birthday cake.)
Sat. Bike ride
Sun Early morning open water swim at Walden Pond with training comrades
Mon Swim at pool with Sara
Tues Rest day
Wed Swim at pool with Sara
Thurs Bike ride
Fri Bike ride
Sat Rest day and race check-in day

Race goals:
Swim - Under 30 minutes
Bike - 1 hour
Run - Hard to predict, without the preceding swim & bike, I think I can do 35 min or less. I definitely don't want it to take longer than 45 min, no matter how badly I'm hurting. Maybe I'll update my goal after my practice run tomorrow.
Transitions - I'll keep these as short as possible -- no dilly-dallying perhaps 5-6 min. on the 1st and 2-3 on the second.

Overall time: I'd love to beat 2:10.