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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

From here to triathlon...

Ok, it's 11 days to race day. Here's my training plan for the next 10 days and my race goals. I figured I write them for all of you to see, so I can be held accountable.

Thurs (7/17) Race practice run: Swim 1/2 mile at pool, drive home (5 min), bike 11 miles, run 3 miles (last run before race)
Fri. Rest day (Need to make a birthday cake.)
Sat. Bike ride
Sun Early morning open water swim at Walden Pond with training comrades
Mon Swim at pool with Sara
Tues Rest day
Wed Swim at pool with Sara
Thurs Bike ride
Fri Bike ride
Sat Rest day and race check-in day

Race goals:
Swim - Under 30 minutes
Bike - 1 hour
Run - Hard to predict, without the preceding swim & bike, I think I can do 35 min or less. I definitely don't want it to take longer than 45 min, no matter how badly I'm hurting. Maybe I'll update my goal after my practice run tomorrow.
Transitions - I'll keep these as short as possible -- no dilly-dallying perhaps 5-6 min. on the 1st and 2-3 on the second.

Overall time: I'd love to beat 2:10.


Lisa C said...

Sounds good. Would it help to check in each day and report on if you made your goals? I'd love to know how you are doing on the training days.

Wow, the race is coming up quick. Sounds like fun.

Jill in MA said...

Well, I've already blown my schedule. I was supposed to do a practice race today, but decided that it's just too hot and humid. Why kill myself on a practice? So I went to the pool and did a 1/2 mile swim. I'll try to do a practice race early Saturday morning instead.

Jill in MA said...

Ok, I'm going to do the Saturday bike ride as originally planned, but not the practice race. It's supposed to be the hottest day of the summer so far and I just want to get this bike ride in before it gets too hot.

Lisa C said...

Glad to hear you got some of the workout in, even if not your original schedule. Hopefully the race day isn't too hot and humid too. That would be a bummer, but the race day might be like that too.

How's the swim and the bike ride go? Feeling confident and doable?

Jill in MA said...

Other than not doing the practice race, I'm on track with the outlined training schedule. We swam at Walden Pond this morning. The water was a perfect temperature and calm and beautiful. I'm disappointed that I'm unable to maintain a good crawl stroke without getting winded, but I know that I can keep moving and finish in about 30 minutes and not get freaked out by the open water.

Tomorrow, I'll head to the pool again, and if I can get going quickly enough, perhaps do a few minutes of stationary bike afterward to work on the transition. (We'll see, I only get an hour of childcare.)

Lisa C said...

Stay focused tomorrow and I find getting right out of bed helps me propel forward. Glad to hear you aren't freaked out by the open water, I don't know if I could handle that! I love to swim but water scares me.

Let me know how the workout tomorrow goes, working on transitions sounds like a good goal.

Glad to hear you are staying on target, that is the most important thing and I love hearing you sound excited!