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Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow bound

Ok, so it's been more then a week since we've had "normal" weather. We had 9" of snow yesterday before it started snowing, and we're supposed to get another 4-5" today (its' been snowing off and on all morning so far. I'm starting to feel a little trapped, but at the same time I kind of don't want it to clear up till Friday so that Christmas really feels more cozy. I have a friend that was supposed to get a flight out from the airport today, but I don't know if she even made it there let alone had the flight. Most flights have been cancelled because of not enough de-icer. I'm hoping that if she doesn't make it out that we can pick her up on Thurs. for Christmas at least (she lives 3 blocks from here). It's her first Christmas alone since her husband died in June. However, I think we'll be boring and she'd enjoy seeing her friend she was going to visit more.

So far we've had power and been doing ok. I have work to do this week, and John's home on vacation anyway. We spent yesterday at the neighbor's for quite a while which helped break up my beginning stir-craziness. :)


Susan Z said...

It's chilly here but at the moment no snow. Just be careful because I know in your area that it is the "other" drivers (the ones not used to driving in slick conditions) that you have to worry about.

Ann in NJ said...

Isn't it funny how you can love staying at home until you are stuck there?

We have ice and snow, but the roads are mostly clear. But yes, the other drivers are the big problem. Keep warm!

ooolia said...

We left a snowy Seattle for a overcast & drizzly LA. I'm beginning to feel stir-crazy since I'm stranded without a car.

Drive carefully.