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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well, I joined the gym. I took a class last night. (I expect to be very sore tomorrow....) The class was great, the instructor was funny, and I think I'll really enjoy going on a regular basis. I shouldn't need to join a gym -- I've got most of a gym in my basement -- but there's something about a membership and classes and friends that take classes that's more motivating than the equipment in my basement.
Steve and I have been talking about setting a real schedule for getting in shape. We're making it a priority to not only work out, but help each other work out. (He actually worked out 12 days in a row. Of course, it helped that he was on a cruise with his company for 5 of those days!) We're realizing that being lazy, not only about being physically fit, but also about our making time for ourselves and one another, is not helping us maintain our happiness. So we're working on it all.
I'm committed to doing at least one triathlon this year and go on one backpacking trip. And the workouts start... yesterday.


Ann in NJ said...

I find a schedule (or routine, or habit, or whatever you want to call it) is tremendously helpful in keeping my life together. Whenever we are "off-schedule", that's when the house goes to pot, we eat whatever junk we can find for dinner or we eat out too much, and I stop going to the gym. And I really feel it.
So I have "gym" scheduled on my calendar, and plan meals so I can cook and have the ingredients, and it keeps everything together. Make a plan, it's a good thing.

Lisa C said...

Sounds like you have some support which is so helpful. I do agree about a routine being important. I'm having trouble adjusting to not walking every morning like I'm used to. As much as there were lots of times I didn't want to walk, it was a habit/routine that made sure I was out there every day.
I like that you say your schedule started yesterday, and not tomorrow which doesn't always happen. Good luck and keep us posted on if you make this a habit. We're here to hold you to it!