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Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year's Goals, East Coast version

I don't know if I really have "goals", I suppose I should make an attempt to come up with something measurable.

I did attend the new session of the weight management class at Curves today. They have a new plan out, so we watched a video about it. It's basically similar to the old plan, you do a week of 1200 calories, and then bump up to 4 weeks of 1500 calories, then take two weeks "off" at 2000-2500 calories, all in an effort to keep your metabolism revved up and burn fat rather than muscle. It again emphasizes lean protein and whole grains, the difference this time is they've set up an exchange system. They have suggested menus for each meal and snack, but they're not specific, and they have more info on how to substitute equivalent foods to meet your tastes. For example, breakfast might be 1 starch + 1 protein, and then you check the list of foods to see what starch and protein you want. They do tell you calorie and nutrion guidelines, so you figure out portions and add favorite foods that might not be on the list. There's also a list of "free" vegetables, drinks, and condiments.

I was trying to go back to the original 1200 cal week from the original plan, but I've not been succeeding this week. I'm a little concerned that I've lost my mojo, but on the other hand, the more mindful I am about eating, the more I've been loosing, even if I don't diet strictly. And that's overall good - they made a big deal about patience and the time it will take to loose a substantial amount of weight. And how it's a lifestyle change. Definitely still working on that part of it.

Other goals? Keep the house cleaner, knit more, stamp more. Basically trying to keep up with life and not feel like I'm dropping so many balls.


Susan Z said...

I've decided that a big part of life is figuring out what works for you.

Lisa C said...

I wouldn't say you've lost your mojo, if you are still losing weight that's wonderful. It is good to keep the momentum going, but don't get down on yourself if you aren't perfectly back on the diet, or you'll probably be less successful. It sounds like your main goal is to keep moving and be motivated. Always a good thing and something I find comes in waves for me. I like that you've also included more "you time" activities as that sounds like a nice healthy mix!