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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Off and running

So, I probably have a leg up on everyone here not having baby weight to lose (that is a definate advantage I think). I'm at 155 (lost 15 pounds two years ago and have kept it off). I'd like to lose another 15-20 pounds to get me back at the top half of my recommended weight area and back to where I was at my heaviest in college.

Yesterday was a fun, though not conducive to eating well, day. The charity quilting my small quilt group was doing ended up being at my house (the lady who was going to host it is older and not doing well as of last week). So I baked brownies (only had 2 small pieces, I was good!) and put out just a few cheese and crackers to munch on. I tried to be good after reading what I have been reading about calories etc. and also one of the other girls is trying to lose weight, so I didn't want to have too much to tempt her, it wouldn't be nice.

I've become pretty immune to guilt which can be very nice, but I'm not always the most disciplined. I gotta work on the will power more then anything!

Today unfortunately will be another sitting day, plus this morning I don't have time for the longer walk we usual do (good thing we walked more yesterday) as I have a quilting class to teach. It'll be fun, but I have so many things I need to get caught up on this time of year.

DH John has taken the week off and I managed to get out of the shop job, but looks like I have too much work to do at home (quilting for others) for me to fully get the week off and work on the house/do things for fun for me. Ah well, it's nice the new business has taken off as well as it has.

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Ann in NJ said...

Sounds like you were active, even if it wasn't the long walk. I always found that teaching a workshop/class was very physically demanding, even though it wasn't like going to the gym. And I can often resist most goodies if I'm busy - it's when I'm not that I'm in trouble.