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Saturday, November 17, 2007

First thing in the morning...

Ann said something in a comment that made me laugh out loud.

First thing in the morning, even before getting out of bed... I'm not sure that I can manage to figure out how to get up before Christopher wakes up.

The frustrating thing is I am usually most successful with an exercise habit if I do it in the morning before I take a shower. These days, I feel lucky to get a shower before getting the boys out of the house on time. That said, when I have my act together, I've been going swimming after dropping the kids off and before going into the office. I manage to swim several times a week for a few weeks before I can't get near the gym for one reason or another for several weeks. Plus, my swim buddy is on maternity leave/can't find child care to go back to the office and is working from home.

I keep trying to do stretches or crunches in the morning, but if the kids aren't trying to climb on me, the dog is thrilled I'm on the floor ready to play with her.

Back to those carrots...


Lisa C said...

Sounds like you eat healthy which is good. That's something I struggle with. I've never liked a lot of fruits/veggies, so it really limits my options and my DH is just as picky.

I prefer exercise in the morning as well. It's easier for me to stick to that time of the day. Hopefully you can get your partner back for the swimming.

Ann in NJ said...

Glad I made you laugh! Since I tend to walk out of bed, through the bathroom right into the shower, exercising before shower isn't an option - but then I've just showered so I don't want to undo that right away, so ... that sort of logic precludes the whole day. Working on it.

ooolia said...

I stopped worrying about whether I've taken a shower already or not. Sometimes if I can catch a shower before dropping the kids off and I remember to swim, I do it.

On the other hand, sometimes I don't get a shower and don't get to swim. I just try to avoid everyone at work. :)