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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Busy Saturday

Well, didn't get the dining room or great room completely cleaned up, but made progress. And the family room got vacuumed, so that's a big plus. Trailer is next to the house, just have to put the cover on, although John did 99% of the winterizing. I did get the kitchen straightened up and moved the microwave to a new location - got rid of some old piles of stuff, so that was good.

Had a lousy lunch (hot dog and pretzel) at William's soccer because I ran out of time. Had coffee and a donut later in the afternoon because I was almost falling asleep while taking JC to a friend's house. But a nice dinner, although portions were too large.

I do better on snacking when I stay busy, but there are days it's really hard to be motivated. Today was good, mostly. Still haven't done my stretches, and I have to go off the Celebrex on Tuesday so it's out of my system for the surgery (biopsy), so I'm thinking I have be doing the back stuff so I can move in the morning. So since it's sort of early, I'm going to do them now. Yoda says there is no try, only do.


ooolia said...

sounds like you were active. I got part of the house vacuumed, but it was the Roomba.

I'm still not sure what I accomplished today besides several loads of laundry.

Jill said...

I'm curious to know what your back exercises/stretches are because I've started having back problems.