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Monday, February 1, 2010

Late New Year's Resolution...

Since about Xmas I've been trying to put exercise back in my life. Although it feels like a lost cause, I'm not giving up. I was doing okay until work and life didn't get better in the middle of January.

So this morning instead of going to work, I emailed in sick with a head cold, took some sudafed, and went for a run. Maybe it's counter-intuitive, but I've found a short run (isn't that the only kind?) makes me feel better. I figure it's because I tend to hack out all the crud in the process. Then a steamy shower to clean out the rest. And I always sleep better nights when I've done some exercise.

Also, I'm going to plan to go swimming at lunch later this week. I'd been avoiding it because I hate the sense that I'm just stripping all the color I just put in it. But I've decided that I need to swim. My knees and feet aren't happy with this extra weight and running just exacerbates it.

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Ann in NJ said...

It was also a mental health day - that counts, doesn't it?

Seriously, good job on the "just do it" front. I've signed up for Biggest Loser at the gym again. My goal is 20 lbs in 8 wks - given how overweight I am, that should be a do-able goal. Starting to do the diet again - sort of. Today was mostly good.