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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

how not to lose weight

bacon caramels & peanut brittle -- those are my excuses for not going swimming this morning.

my friend Mir came over last night and made peanut brittle. since she brought her handy dandy thermometer gun with laser sighting (which T loved, of course), we decided to re-cook the failed bacon caramel. we had to wait until this morning to see if worked!

lo and behold, it did. so before T's carpool showed up this morning, we were manically wrapping bacon caramels. he did most of the half with lots of bacon, and I segregated out the bit that had substantially less bacon and wrapped those after he left.

but, with all that fun, I would have been too late to work if I went swimming.

of course, I also have about a pound of bacon caramel and two pounds of peanut brittle that isn't helping my attempt to lose weight. *sigh*

BUT, I can say that we managed to weasel in a fair amount of chemistry. nucleation sites, Fahrenheit vs Celsius, boiling point, heat capacity, black body radiation, crystalization... enough to make your head spin and your teeth ache.


Susan Z said...

As I sit here eating Ben & Jerry's directly out of the container...I will say that bacon caramel does sound good. I will say that I have lost weight recently but it is the "PhD" diet...lots of stress, little time.

Ann in NJ said...

I can't say anything. I went out to lunch Monday, Tuesday (Olive Garden all you can eat breadsticks soup salad), and today was lunch (Mexican) and Rachel's birthday dinner (Olive Garden again, and chocolate cake too).

Perhaps tomorrow? I'm doing a little better on stress eating, but clearly need to work on "choices".