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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Moving Forward

So, we had the baby shower yesterday. Now it's time to find out what we're missing and start filling things in. I'm feeling better then I have off and on since we've actually been sleeping. John's sick unfortunately so I keep hoping he'll feel better. I'm a little overwhelmed with some of my commitments. I keep having customers that want me to have quilts done and I'm more then booked till baby gets here in 5 weeks. It's frustrating that some people don't seem to care that I have a schedule and am planning to have a baby. Of course, I have the same problem with the quilt guild I'll be chair of next month (long story and bad timing). I can't seem to get volunteers to help with the raffle quilt. Yet, even if I don't end up on bed rest I can't be the only one working booths and selling tickets for multiple days on end at different venues. Let alone I'm due in the middle of the last month of ticket sales...
Here's hoping that I can guilt some people into helping at Tuesdays guild meeting... I think I'll have to play the bed rest card even if I don't want to share that much personal info with the entire guild.
I am getting excited to meet the little one though. And really, I'm not going to worry in the long run about this extra stuff because baby comes first and I've more then given the guild the chance to step up and help out.


Ann in NJ said...

Definitly play the sympathy card. Cheat your due date forward if you need to (I'm due in the middle of March...). You almost need to give them the ultimatum - "If you don't step up, it's not going to happen because I will be on bedrest or caring for a newborn." Don't try to do it all yourself, you just can't, especially now.

Susan Z said...

Let me know how you came out on the shower. I have some clothes to send you and then it is up to you how many other items (burp rags, blankets, newborn bibs, hooded towels) you think you might want. A lot of what you need depends on how much you are willing to do laundry. With babies the laundry is not just the clothes, but also the "accessories" such as the burp rags, blankets, etc.

Lisa C said...

We seem to be ok on hooded towels and I have the ones you sent before. Decent on burp rags, but we have a ton of blankets/quilts/receiving blankets we can also use. Not a lot of bibs and ok on clothes. Won't know for sure on that one till we know how big baby is. Laundry doesn't bother me much, specially since I plan to cloth diaper anyway, or at least see how we like it.

I got some help from the guild on Tue. night but not enough to make the biggest event that really needs to happen (3 of about 10 shifts over two days covered). So I get to plead for more help over email. They know it won't happen, I played the bed rest card, the pregnancy card and the "it's two weeks from my due date" card. I did get help with the driving the quilt around which is something at least.