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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Good Day

So yesterday I took the kids into New York, and did reasonably well at making good choices, and came home and pigged out WHILE I was making dinner. Because I was tired.

But today has been a good day - while I didn't completely follow the Curves "Phase I" which is only 1200 cal/day (only for a week), I actually mostly followed it and was probably around 1600 calories. Which is still pretty low and where I was for most of the weight loss last fall. And I didn't have the late afternoon pigout that's been my biggest problem.

Yes, I know I'm aiming for 1-2 lbs/week, but I've been creeping up again and need a kick in the pants to get myself back on track. I'm planning 3 days on 1200ish cal, then back to the more realistic 1600ish. And I'm trying to be very mindful of changing habits as a way of planning for the future - if I always revert back to the 4pm pigout, I'll gain all of this weight back. And I don't want that.


Susan Z said...

It's good to be planning about changing habits and thinking the future of where you want to be. I guess the question is why you have the 4pm binge. If it were me I'm sure that would probably be related to me getting home and/or children getting home and just grabbing stuff. I personally need to work on balancing out over the course of a day so that my meals are not too small and then too big, but more constant so that I am not tempted to snack in between.

Lisa C said...

I've found I always need a snack in the mornings (I'm generally not an afternoon eating person). But if I plan ahead of time and say I'm going to eat xxx then I'm much more likely to stick to the plan, specially if it's something that's easy to fix/grab and more healthy. Occasionally, I let myself get something like a candy bar/cookie but I try to moderate that. Is there a way you can plan for that snack attack and have better options so you aren't just grabbing whatever is easiest? Mom and I were just talking about how we grab the easy and unhealthy choice if we let ourselves get too hungry. So I carry a snack with me now and that helps me not overeat at a meal too.

Ann in NJ said...

I have healthy stuff available, the unhealthy stuff just always seems more appealing. :( I'm working on it. 3-4pm is when kids are arriving home, I'm hanging out with them in the kitchen, and I'm tired because I went to bed at midnight and got up at 6am. Yes, I'm working on it.