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Friday, April 11, 2008


Ok, I'm feeling better today, in a way. I haven't sat down and done my "10 favorite things" list, because I was cranky enough that it seemed hard. I'm still eating poorly, but trying to be at least aware of the choices I'm making (even if they're bad). And physically, I'm having a bad day, achy and my back hurts.

But you know what? It's all better, because I know WHY. It's that time (you know, THAT time), and I am much more hormonal in the past few years than I ever remember before. It isn't necessarily an excuse, but I know WHY I feel like I have to shove everything in my mouth, and I'm cranky and tired and depressed. And knowing why makes it feel better already. And hopefully, as I work on strategies, it gets a little easier to handle.

And because it's cyclic, in a couple of days I'll feel much better, and can work on strategies to prepare for next time. I have to remember that I don't have to feel ambushed, I should anticipate and prepare. As best I can, at least!


Jill in MA said...

Isn't it odd that knowing your hormonal doesn't help you change your behavior? It does make you feel a little better in an odd way knowing that it's pretty much out of your control. And you can warn people. "Steve, I'm going to bitch at you today, I'm going to cry, I'm going to hide the bedroom as much as I can get away with, I'm probably going to yell at the kids and not be able to deal with them well... but that's how it is, be warned, give me space, and try not to take offense!"

And it's also odd how we can go through this cycle of bad mood like clockwork, and not even realize what's causing it. Remember in collage, we had a friend (I won't mention names!) who would pretty much burrow in her room, in the dark, and check out of life every month, and it took her years to figure out the connection!

And lastly, that reminds me, I must be approaching THAT time soon, too. I need to start marking a calendar. I think I'm regular again (after years of having a completely unpredictable cycle) so I should be able to anticipate the moods, also.

Susan Z said...

I just had "that time" and it does help to know what is causing something. Lately I seem to be timing things right that I am sitting there thinkg "Does my back hurt because of cramps with my period coming or because I carried Jo on my back?"