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Friday, April 11, 2008

Chiming in

I just had a friend change how she does her "to do's" lists. Instead of listing things she has to do (which I still do since sometimes I need the visual), she lists her things as "things done". It's a way to look at the positive things you've done in a day, and not get hung up on the things you haven't gotten to. If you think about each of our days it's a busy time, and we could fill every moment with work and things but it'd be exhausting! Kids and family are probably a huge part of the "done" list since getting them to school, making lunches/dinners/etc. are a big part of everyday energy.

On another positive note I heard someone saying how important it was to rework our thinking. So instead of beating ourselves up over negative things in the day, have you and/or spouse/kids etc. list 3 positive things that happened to you for the day. John finds that more challenging then I do because I'm the optimist and he's the realist in our relationship, but that makes it interesting too.

So far this morning (and it's just aver 7am here), I have 1. slept better then I did last night (no headache) and 2. got to snuggle under the covers and hit snooze which I love and 3. Looking forward to working from home today which will hopefully mean more progress here.



Ann in NJ said...

You go, girl! It is far easier to beat ourselves up than to realize what we've done well - or even well enough.

I do find a lot of satisfaction crossing things off the list, but I usually use it to remind myself of what needs to get done that's not a "usual" thing. Or even as a way to organize my thoughts or approach for the day. I've been trying to do more of that, as a way of maintaining focus.

Susan Z said...

When I was in high school I only wrote down the special things and not the normal things. Perhaps if I went back to that I would not have quite as long of a to-do list. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed sometimes and not know where to start. I suppose another tactic is to write down the steps and then I would have more things to cross off then just the big task.

ooolia said...

what a great idea!

I need to have a list of things to do to keep me focused, but it'd be nice to also have a list of things I've done so I remember that I actually accomplished something.