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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cool clear water

I forgot to get a water bottle while I was at the store the other day, but then Jim went and did the laundry and stopped by the store for the things I had forgotten (which included more than just the water bottle). He did not get me a really big one with all the water for the day, but he did get me a sports bottle that had markings for amounts on the side, and a screw top so that water will not leak (we have some old water bottles that the tops leak on now). So today is the first day I carried it. I should have filled it up before I left school so I could have had it for the whole afternoon, but I did get it filled up twice which should equal 8+ glasses so I know for sure that I got my recommended amount.
I have also been really good about not even looking for the bus on campus and just walking (though I take the shortest most direct route and park in the closest space possible...but it is a start and I am usually carrying enough junk with me that it probably counts as walking with weights).
I have also decided that when the current supply of Coca-cola runs out that I am not refilling it. I can still get it when we go out but I don't need it at home (though I still intend to drink coffee). I even informed Jim so he would not buy any for me (of course his response was "who are you and what have you done with my wife")


Lisa C said...

LoL that was John's reaction when I went off Coca cola two summers ago. He didn't even notice for the 3 months I didn't have any soda. Then we were chatting with someone and I mentioned it and he was shocked. I now limit the intake and I can tell how I'm feeling by how "bad" I am. But I don't miss my migraines and the headaches/borderline migraines I've had since have been so much more manageable. (it was more then just the caffeine triggering them)

Glad to hear you are limiting temptation!

Ann in NJ said...

Yes, i find it easier to just not bring it into the house. But I'm not giving up my diet coke. Even though I really should and it's a little scary that I can feel it on days I don't have it (and it's not just the caffeine!), I'm just not ready yet. Trying to limit intake, for now.
I can just hear Jim saying that, though...