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Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm alive!

Ok, well, that was never really in doubt, but it's nice to have it over. Had my biopsy this morning, and while it was very grumbly to get up at 4 am and be at the hospital by 5:30 am, we had to be there that early because I was the first surgery scheduled for my doctor. Turned out to be a good thing - by the time I came out, I spent an extra hour or so hanging out in recovery because the same-day center was so busy they didn't have a room for me to go back to. Eventually the nurse gave up and went and found my clothes and John and discharged me directly from recovery.

So now I have "discomfort", as they say, and the outside of my foot is definitely numb. A little wierd, I don't know if that's going to change much. I was told a "small numb patch on my foot", but this is the whole side including heel and I think little toe. And the waiting game for results begins.

And I'm on an uber antibiotic, which makes the root canal on Monday a non-problem. I'm not bothering with the dentists antibiotic, and since I have to take this for 7 days, I'm probably covered both before and after. So I still have that to look forward to, but so far so good.

Anticipation is often worse than actuality. Usually.


Lisa C said...

Yeah, I hate anticipation of things that might be difficult/bad. I'm glad you got through it though and are recovering! One thing off the list for now which is good.

Big hug

Jill said...

Always opt for the first surgery of the day, if you can! (That's how we scheduled Sierra. :-) ) The inconvenience of getting up early beats the inconvenience of whatever else comes at your doctor that day. Glad to hear it's over. Hope your foot feels normal again soon.

ooolia said...

phew. :)

glad to hear that you're feeling more positive about life. hope the foot feels better soon.

Susan Z said...

I'm glad that you got through it. I hope they figure things out too.