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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Well, it's official. I had my post-partum appointment yesterday. And while I've lost an amazing amount of the weight (only about 8 pounds to go) thanks to Breastfeeding, I'd like to lose the additional 10-20 lbs I wanted to lose before I got pregnant. I'm counting on nursing to make it easier since I've always struggled to lose weight normally unless I got sick. Since I'd rather not get sick anyway, I'm back to walking to start with. I started walking about two weeks after Matt was born, but it's been very irregular since I've been tired (imagine that!) and his schedule adds one more thing to work around. But, hopefully that will all get easier sooner and we can get out and a about as things get more predictable. I need to get work scheduled in all this (I've unofficially started working again, but am a little lazy about it since I'm so tired).
At least the weather has been better and that should help us get out as lon gas it doesn't get too hot. Wish me luck!


Susan Z said...

Just pay attention to the breast feeding. I actually lost twenty pound breastfeeding the boys but wasn't paying enough attention at the end so I gained half of it back. One handed eating makes a difference, as does distraction so you eat less, and then eventually you get to chase the kid.
I'm glad to hear that your appointment went well.

Jill in MA said...

Yes, you have to watch out that your additional eating decreases as Matt's nursing decreases. That's tough! I gained a lot of weight back when my kids weaned.

Oh, and good luck with schedule! Baby's have this knack for changing the schedule just as you have it figured out!

Ann in NJ said...

I can't believe it's been 6 weeks!

I never lost weight breastfeeding - I was always starving, so be careful! Take Matt with you when you walk - babies love seeing things go by, or its an easy way to get them down for a nap. I have an uber-spiffy baby backpack that I can box up and send you to when he's ready, but I think he's a little young yet. It's one that you can actually get on your own back BY YOURSELF. It's excellent!