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Friday, November 21, 2008

Counting Down

The weigh-in for the Biggest Looser contest at the gym is on Monday. I've decided that I'm going to stop dieting at that point, although I hope to be able to incorporate the new eating habits. Basically, keep eating right (mostly) but not be quite so disciplined about it. And then, after Christmas, I'll probably do another round of 6 weeks or so.

I'm just having a hard time following the plan at this point. I'm doing ok (not great, but ok) with snacks and portion sizes, but a little tired of the plan - even with 6 weeks of menus, it's feeling repetitive. It's time for a break.

It has been fun buying some new clothes. I can almost shop in the Misses department now (pretty much a size 18 now), but I would like to get down to a 16 and have more choices! I actually bought a new coat at Costco - an XL, which was not an option before. Now, granted, there was only one style where the XL actually FIT, but still!

So Monday I'll get weighed and measured, and then they'll probably post the contest results on either Friday or the following Monday. I hope. I'm kind of excited!


Lisa C said...

Good luck! That's awesome that you've gone down a size. I'd love to get down a size or two and get back into better shape this next summer. I'll be thinking of you on Monday and keeping my fingers crossed!

Jill in MA said...

I'm routing for you!! What will you win? (Other than fame and glory!)

Susan Z said...

I'm excited for you too. Even if you don't win the contest you definitely win if you are getting rid of clothes because they are too big (and getting to by more that fit right). I think my biggest challenge right now is not the losing weight part but the shaping the weight I have. That is where the gym can help a lot.