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Friday, November 21, 2008

As if I needed something else...

So add this to the list of people who went to the doctor for one thing and came out with another (I recently had a professor who went in for a routine check-up...everything came out abnormal and then on recheck normal and then they found a benign tumor in her stomach). Anyway, Jim encouraged me to go back in last week because I had finished my antibiotic but was still coughing and runny nose (though MUCH improved from before).
She decided I had bronchitis and did an X-ray to make sure there was not pneumonia. I did not have pneumonia but she did mention scoliosis....I didn't know I had that. So today I got the official reading on the x-ray and now I get a referral to an orthopedic specialist.
Oh, and if I still have cough and nose issues after this round of antibiotics and steroids (and inhaler...which tastes terrible...) then we get to treat it as allergies.
On the more positive side I am actually still losing weight even without going to the rec center. Somehow walking on campus and getting distracted so that I forget to have desert seems to be working for me. A slow but steady decline in weight is not a bad thing as long as I can survive next week with the in-laws for Thanksgiving.


Ann in NJ said...

Well, boo on the scoliosis and bronchitis, but yay on the loosing weight! Can't say I'm terribly surprised about the scoliosis since Lisa has/had it, and hopefully the next round of meds will work for you on the coughing. Walking is such a great exercise - virtually painless! I miss living in a neighborhood with places to walk TOO.

Lisa C said...

Yep, not surprised on the scoliosis. I still have it though I don't do my exercises regularly anymore. I'm afraid it's pretty common in twins. On a plus side, if I don't get dessert I lose weight too, think I might need to cut those out more often, specially since I clean out desserts because John isn't a sweet eater.
Sorry you are still feeling icky, but it does sound like it is getting better.