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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm hungry...

okay, so it is lunch time out here on the west coast. I just ate my leftover chicken enchiladas and I should wait at least 5 minutes before I decide that I'm starving enough to wander across the street to the nasty school cafeteria to pick up another lunch. :)

yeah, well, I'm posting here hoping that I'll think about all the willpower you all have shown recently and I'll pass on second lunch so that I can keep off some of the weight I've lost and continue to want to lose.

especially since I choose to sleep in this morning instead of going for a walk with the dog. I justified it because C is home from school with a cold (his eyes get goopy until his nose starts to run, so they want him out of school even though I'm positive it's just viral and not bacterial, but oh well), and I haven't been getting enough sleep since I got over strep.

I'm still hungry. maybe I'll eat the applesauce cup I have in the fridge, but I really want a burger and fries.


Lisa C said...

I know what you mean about the burger and fries. I keep reminding myself I feel better if I eat healthy because I know I'm being good! I hope you were able to be good and felt good about it. If I wait long enough I'm usually not so hungry as I originally thought.

Ann in NJ said...

It's so hard, isn't it? I know this is after the fact, but if you can convince yourself to have the applesauce, or maybe if you go to the cafeteria to choose a banana and sandwich or even a burger and a salad, you'll feel fuller longer and better in the long run. And always have a glass of water when you have a craving.

But I do miss fries on occasion.